PANTSTOWN is the cartoon equivalent of the WIRE, a town of talking pants, using pockets as hands to grab what little slice of life a corrupt city hall doles out.

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"Nevermind what I can't have more."

"Nevermind what I can't have more."

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The backbone of the narrative is the coming of age of DENIM, the coolest pair of pants in town. After coworker BULLET BELT gets falsely arrested, DENIM and best friend CARGO, link up with reporter SCOOP DUNGAREE to find the real culprit.

Their investigation unfolds to a larger conspiracy, reaching to city hall, MAYOR McPLEETS and his evil nephew, BOOTCUT. The MAYOR, determined to erect YKK PLAZA, the greatest development in PANTSTOWN history, will send any pants that get in his way to the great Goodwill in the sky.

Seeing through the MAYOR’S “ONE LEG AT TIME,” initiative, SCOOP works with EDITOR INK STAINS and staff at the DAILY PANTS to bring down the powerful MAYOR.

The first season takes place over one summer, when the ever awkward CARGO returns from his first year at PENN STATE. DENIM falls in love with MADEWELL, his beautiful new hire, and distances himself from YOGA PANTS, and the trappings of youth.