BRIEF: Integrate KEVIN DURANT into SPRINT’S, “CUT YOUR BILL IN HALF” campaign.  Meet ROC NATION’S mandate that their client be presented with a heightened level of sophistication.  Make it basketball specific for a debut on at halftime of TNT’S coverage of the NBA ALL STAR GAME.



BRIEF: We got KD. We got him in a suit. We got some time to kill. What else can we do?  These mock trial ads were filmed for social channels, but love for them got them in heavy rotation during the leagues better half. 

Before KD LAW took the court, DURANT got the conversation going with strategic posts from his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts, resulting in an honorary law degree for #35. 

 #KDLAW won the internet, trending higher then the ALL STAR GAME, #SNL40, ADRIANA GRANDE, and the season premier of "THE WALKING DEAD." This focus resulted in 7.6 million FACEBOOK views of "COURTROOM."   

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I had lunch with CHARLES OAKLEY.